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"Stolen Tears" prequel e vol. 2 cover reveal !

Verso la fine dell'anno scorso, Cortney Pearson ha pubblicato una short novel della sua serie "Stolen Tears" che ci fa conoscere un po' di più il misterioso Talon e che si posiziona subito prima del primo volume...
Ma non è tutto!
All'inizio di quest'anno la stessa autrice ha annunciato l'uscita del secondo volume ;)

"Such a Clever Deception (vol. 0.5)" di Cortney Pearson
Fare la cosa giusta significa voltare le spalle a tutto quello che sa.
Talon Haraway è nato per essere un leader. Forte, sicuro di sé e abile, a diciassette anni comanda l'esercito degli Arcaiani senza pensarci, in attesa di risultati e ottenendoli.
Quando una nuova serie di reclute arriva a Valadir, l'ultima cosa che si aspetta Talon è che uno di loro ridefinisca ciò che ha sempre pensato di volere. Ora, sotto la pressione del suo capo e padre surrogato Arcaiano, Tyrus Blinnsdale, Talon deve decidere chi vuole essere e a chi concedere la propria lealtà prima che sia troppo tardi.

Non perdetevi questo emozionante racconto originale digitale ambientato nel mondo della serie Stolen Tears.
Prezzo: €0,99
                                                            Formato: ebook
                                                            Pagine: 78
                                                            Editore: CreateSpace (27 ottobre 2015)
                                                            Lingua: Inglese
                                                            ASIN: B014V8PCYA

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Per chi fosse interessato, ho recensito il primo volume ("Such a Secret Place") e potete trovare la recensione cliccando > qui <

~ Estratto

"E' sbagliato. Lui l'ha saputo per molto tempo, ma per qualsiasi motivo la verità non rimarrà sopita a lungo"

The boy struts past Talon, chin leveled in defiance of the thunder rumbling through the sky and the waves crashing beyond the fence and spreading salt in the air. He stops when he reaches where Talon had stood moments before.
 “What’s your name, soldier?” Talon joins his side, squinting against a break in the cloud line. He shoulders the scythe, draping a wrist on the long handle.
The boy straightens, staring ahead, as though trying to see through Talon.
“Cordell Ripkin, sir.”
“A weapon, sir?”
“A weapon.”
Then Talon’s voice raises as Ripkin makes his way to the shed, his arms moving in quick motions as he jogs the two hundred foot distance.
“Ripkin believes his skill surpasses the need for instruction,” Talon yells. “Such insurmountable skill must be legendary.”
He expects the men to give off a few chuckles, but no one does. They stare straight ahead, all traces of amusement gone. Good. They need to take him seriously.
Moments later Ripkin returns with a briefsword, just longer than a dazeblade designed to strap on one’s thigh or in a boot. Talon begins his approach, handling the scythe lithely, barely letting it rest on his fingers as he balances it, luring it into a steady sway forward and backward until he tosses it in a circular spin behind his back and catches it once more. Ripkin’s confident defiance washes over with stark fear.
I’ll go easy on him.
“Let’s see this skill of yours,” he prods.
Ripkin’s eyes shift to the group of men and boys standing behind, still watching. With an all-too-clear swallow, he grips the briefsword’s hilt with two hands. Talon represses a smile and gives a startling lunge forward, whipping the scythe’s curved blade so it sings through the air. His magic releases almost instantly as well, answering the call to action and rocketing up the handle to glisten and illuminate the blade.
Talon closes his eyes, the moves coming to him as gracefully as a choreographed dance, yet all on the spot, nothing preplanned, nothing held back. His lids open. Ripkin does well for a first-timer, gripping his hilt with feeble attempts, ducking away, swinging for all he’s worth. Talon continues advancing, his gleaming blade a tiger on the hunt, prowling with exactness and motion, matching blade for blade.

Cover reveal!

Della stessa serie, il 23 giugno 2016 uscirà "Such a Daring Endeavor (Stolen Tears, book 2)" e oggi l'autrice ha rivelato la copertina! :D

Formato: ebook
Pagine: 303
Lingua: Inglese

~ Trama

What is done can't always be undone...

Now that Talon Haraway has been taken captive by the Arcaians, Ambry knows it’s only a matter of time before he is executed. But to make matters worse, she must go against her best-friend-turned-worst enemy to free him. Whether Ambry likes it or not, drinking those tears changed Gwynn. Not only is she subjecting her kinsmen's magic, but with Tyrus preoccupied with his upcoming war, Gwynn is acting more and more in Tyrus’s stead, giving commands and leading skirmishes.

Along the way, Ambry is met with the very instigator who shed her tears, the maiden wizard, Jomeini Straylark. Ambry hopes Jomeini holds the answers she seeks about her magic, her emotions, her quest to free the Itharian people from Tyrus Blinnsdale’s tyrannical rule. Unfortunately, Jomeini’s mind seems to be unraveling the longer she is held captive.

But Jomeini knows this much. Gwynn has been working on something, a contraption with disastrous consequences. While Ambry juggles with forbidden feelings for Talon, her desire to free her people’s magic, and the ever-growing need to protect the tears from being drunk, the solution to stopping Gwynn and Tyrus all boils down to one seemingly easy option—get through to her best friend. Too bad what seems easy, and what is, are two completely different things.

~ La serie

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  1. Ma nooooo! non sapevo che ci sarebbe stato anche un terzo sequel e un secondo prequel O__O Non che mi dispiaccia questa notizia ma ne sono rimasta spiazzata XD

    1. Il prequel del prequel credo sarà una "short novel" un po' come Clever Deception. Il terzo volume pensavo fosse (quasi) ovvio xD