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Segnalazione - "Phobic" di Cortney Pearson

"Phobic (vol. 01)" di Cortney Pearson
Resistance is no longer an option.
My house has a secret. A secret kept behind a closed door. A secret that led my mom to commit murder.
Lately, the same secret has begun plaguing me. Voices ring out in the night. Visions appear of people dressed in sweeping ball gowns and elegant top hats, of quiet servants trapped in their love for each other, unable to be together because of their master’s obsessive, cruel control—it all leads back to my mom. Something terrifying happened, something my mom discovered. And the worst part is, I don’t think it’s over yet.
My brother warns me not to open the door--even my best friend, Todd, tells me to ignore this impulse. But I'm tired of ghosts and secrets and lies. All along the answers have been at my fingertips, at the mere turn of a knob. All I have to do is open it.
I mean, seriously, would you be able to resist?

~ Versione cartacea
Pagine: 376
Editore: CreateSpace (28 agosto 2014)
Serie: The Forbidden Doors
Lingua: Inglese
ISBN-10: 1500497193
ISBN-13: 978-1500497194
~ Versione ebook
Pagine: 377
Serie: The Forbidden Doors
Editore: CreateSpace (8 settembre 2014)
Lingua: Inglese

La mia casa ha un segreto nascosto dietro ad una porta chiusa.
Ed io non sono certa di riuscire a resistere ad aprirla ancora per molto.

Dalla stessa autrice di "Such a Secret Place" (click per la mia recensione), è ora disponibile la versione rivista, corretta e con nuova copertina del primo volume della duologia "The Forbidden Doors"!

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